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A Call to Slow Down

It is one's birthright to be left alone; to sit quietly; to drown out the din of the outside world in peaceful thought. However, In today's world, finding a dose of calm and serenity is difficult. Our daily lives are like a race. 

As the new technology grows faster and less expensive, we become more accessible, and working at all hours of the day becomes more practical. Worryingly, the line between work and pleasure is becoming increasingly blurred. Whereas most individuals used to go to work and clock in and out, we now bring the office with us in the form of PDAs and laptops. 

We are spending an inordinate amount of time in modern-day "sweatshops" in quest of speed, efficiency, and material items. Some people drink more coffee to remain alive in the fast-paced world of business. As a result, many white-collar professionals in the Western business sector have developed an addiction to strong stimulants such as amphetamines. 

Furthermore, In today's society, we find it virtually impossible to slow down since there is a cultural taboo against doing so. Nowadays, the term "slowing down" connotes lethargy, inertia, or slacking on the side of the person who decides to slow down; regardless of the fact that the extremely rapid pace of life encourages overstimulation and overscheduling, which turn into chronic stressors contributing to behavioral, mood, and attention issues in a vicious loop. Perhaps the most significant consequence we've yet to experience is the damage to human connections. Instead of strengthening intimate relations, technology has allowed the avoidance of time-consuming direct person-to-person interaction.

Every few weeks, one or another newspaper or magazine article describes how individuals believe they waste their time by not doing activities they like. According to a recent study, 65 percent of Americans spend their leisure time doing activities they would rather not do. Isn't that insane? 

Seeing this, the only thought that comes to our mind is- WE NEED TO SLOW DOWN. By slowing down we mean to adopt a slow approach towards life. According to Chris Bailey, a productivity guru and creator of the blog "A Life of Productivity," slowing down may be a helpful productivity technique. Bailey tells us that if our energy runs out, we won't be able to be as productive since we won't have any fuel to burn. Hence, It won’t make you less productive. Rather you’ll feel more connected, productive, innovative and inclusive towards the things happening around you. Precisely, It's all about being as efficient as possible with the time management so you can spend more time doing things you like, therefore improving your overall quality of life.  

Slowness Fosters Creativity and Critical Thinking. Some of the most exemplary ideas come to you when you're relaxing, such as in the shower or on a stroll. Slowing down to ponder is crucial if you are devoted to creative, inventive thinking in your career or other endeavors.

We will be able to engage with people better and interacting with us would become enjoyable. It would allow us to regain complete control. When we go slowly, we may be forceful without being aggressive. We begin to live more honestly, on our terms, when we slow down and take stock of what is important to us, consciously letting go of what isn't.

Also, many things will feel different: more comfortable, more straightforward, and more meaningful as we will have the time to look at them more carefully now and then. Walking and conversing, eating, family and friends are the kinds of joys in life that should be savored carefully. You can't rush through these events and cross them off your to-do list as you do the rest of your life. If you do, you will miss out on the fun.

Now it's time to slow down our speed, halt the operations and take a breath. We may not always control the demands and speed of life, especially at work, but we must learn to control what we do have. Items that relate to your priorities and beliefs should be moved at a slower pace. Allow yourself extra time to complete your goals and become accustomed to silence or downtime. Every minute of every day does not have to be filled actively.

During this pandemic, many people are decelerating since life being a whirlwind has become unapproachable for them. People are getting indulged in simple pleasures of their lives like reading books, cooking, baking, painting, practicing yoga, knitting or even spending vacations in lonely huts in the mountains. Doing everything that one could to reclaim our simple, slowed lives. Hence, let's all slow down. 


Submitted by Drishti