Have a Relationship with Yourself

Have a Relationship with Yourself

Why we strive hard to please people around us

To get our goal and to be wise to solve all fuss

Might our words not hurt any our dear one

Trying hard to keep our inside emotions just shun

And that’s how we have a big smile on our pretty faces

Still there are found the sleeping pillows having water traces

Crying hard every night, worrying much with every failure

And still keeping our lives aside because we have a big fear

Fear of losing our someone, may be spouse, parents or children

Many a times we feel to leave everything and just run

You know why? Because we are not loving our self anymore

Doing a job to fill pockets, not soul and getting bore

Not taking break from society to give quality time to soul

Playing every role perfectly but forgot to play a role

A role that is for our Self to love our self unconditionally

Food on time, good sleep and living our Self life fully

Getting less money but fulfilling the bucket list of college days

Now just waiting for this to fulfill when our hair will be greys

Relationship needs love and respect to be same forever

Then why this mind has not respected and loved this body ever

Holding the personal and professional life so amazingly

We ignore our own choices, health and feelings daily

Oh! The Poor Human, you are not machine to work efficiently

You are programmed to make mistakes but live creatively

Love everyone but keep your ‘Self’ your first priority

See yourself in mirror in morning and compliment “so pretty”

Stop waiting for retirement to live a life you wished for

This moment is for you and who knows how much days more

Rise, exercise, eat healthy and make your body strong

Love yourself and do things to make your life long

Whatever leaves you is not meant for you, so accept

Don’t live this life as if you have many duties and debts

Desire, fulfill, smile, enjoy and live like there be no tomorrow

Live happily with your own company leaving no space for sorrow…

-       Eshitva Singh

Garima Sharma
Very well written Eshitva, keep it up
Sayantee Sarkar
Woow Eshitva, this poetry is just awesome. Loved it