Sports betting: Should it be legalized?

Sports’ betting is much more popular in our nation than the actual sport. It’s a medium to gamble for an unexpected event and try to earn money from that. It is much more usual now a day and is general shown as a prop of entertainment. There are multiple online applications also where you can make your team to earn money. Majority of betting is done in the fields of football, cricket, hockey, martial arts and boxing. Along with it betting can be seen in non-professional fields like reality shows and contests. Mostly, people with high profile are more likely to bet in order to earn more money. 

Sports’ betting is not entertained in many parts of the world as it is an activity which can harm our life. Profit in betting develops a positive attitude in oneself which makes him confident to bet even his life but a single downfall can make him loose everything he has earned in his life till date. The person who is betting in sports might take this a purpose of entertainment but a single loss can affect the physical as well as mental state of the person.

But let us talk about those professional gamblers who use to purchase the player to fortune their way. People spend his/her entire life practicing in a particular field of sports and earn a name for him. He chooses the sport as profession and his hard work should not be gambled with money. Every international council of sports like ICC FIFA has their own set of rules against it. And they word continuously to trace any kind of betting activity and punish them heavily. Gambling or sports betting is surely not a fair way of earning profit or money.

There are numerous examples of strict punishment in India. Ban on two IPL team for 2016 and 2017 IPL season showed no one is bigger than sport and no one is allowed to bet for a loss or a victory. Presently India has no serious laws on sports betting. Hence some private organizations like sports adda and ballebazi.com take profit of it to encourage our youth to participate in sports betting. It can divert the minds of young generation towards a wrong path. Hence not only the sports betting need to be banned in India, there is also a need of strict rules to stop it. 

“Earn money by hardwork, even if it as a clerk,

Indulging yours3lf to bet can result in future regret”.