Struggles Make You Strong, Succeed, and Shine!

Time can be a greedy thing. Sometimes, it steals the details of itself, leaving you on the path to decide what to do next. Whether you wait for the Alchemist to come and find you the treasure or you take the lead and find the Alchemist yourself; everything depends on you.

As far as time is concerned, it will impose all the possible barriers to check your testimony and patience. Despite that, accept them thousand times over for yourself. And smile back at it and roar that you don't fear it!

These struggles are critical because it has different plans for each one of us, which will take its time. Let's understand this with a help of a story about a butterfly. A man spent hours watching a butterfly struggling to emerge from its cocoon. After a long struggle, the butterfly appeared to be exhausted and remained absolutely still.

 The man decided to help the butterfly with a pair of scissors. He cut opened the cocoon, thus releasing the butterfly. The butterfly was very small, her body was wrinkled, and her wings were crumpled. The man was eagerly watching it continuously. He hoped it would fly by opening its wings. Nothing happened; in fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its brief life dragging around its shrunken body and shrivel wings, incapable of flight.

Struggle is an important part of any growth experience. In fact, it’s the hope which pulls you out of the struggle and develops your ability to fly. Faith is even bigger than that. If we have faith in what the future holds for us, we can live our entire life in a hope to attain our dreams.

So, should we not do anything and just wait for destiny to play its card? Well, no. Let's understand this by another short story.

One fine day, a man was walking with his favourite donkey. Suddenly, the donkey fell into a pit. The man cried for help. He even screamed at the donkey for being irresponsible! He also blamed himself for not being a good care taker. As a day or two passed by, he gave up and convinced himself that the donkey has nothing else in his fate. With a disheartened heart, he decided to bury the donkey. He started to pour soil on the donkey that felt like a load and the later shook it off, repeatedly. As the process continued, the man realized that the soil is working as an elevator and the donkey is slowly inching closer to the top.

After several hours passed, the man succeeded in meeting his donkey again.

Life is going to shovel dirt at us as long while we are working on something. The trick to get out of the pit is to shake it off well and step an inch higher.

Do these hardships, struggle or our background reduces our value in any WAY?

Well, never. Let's understand this by another short story.

At a workshop of students, the teacher started off by putting up a ₹5000 note and asking everyone who wants it. Everyone in the crowd raised their hands. The teacher started crushing the note and then, threw it on ground and stamped on it. Post this, she asked the same question as before and still, everyone raised their hands.

This is because none of the actions reduced the value of the note.

Here, we can learn a very valuable lesson. Many a times in our lives; we are dropped, crumpled, and grounded into the decisions we make and the circumstances that comes our way. We might feel worthless sometimes, but we need to constantly remind ourselves that we have a value which is nowhere less than the ₹5000 note.

Always believe in yourself and most of all, believe in all the hardships that you have crossed to achieve what you have today!

Dear readers, life wants us to grow. For this to happen, it throws several challenges at us and checks what makes us and breaks us. Life would have been perfect if everyone was on the same page but in reality, the pages turn based on how determined we are to see the next chapter of life. Work on yourself, find your ways and even build one. Just don’t stop.

It’s a long journey where the chapter belongs to us, the character in the story belongs to us, the plot is ours, and we are the only author of our book. Write a bestseller and rule the world!