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The Dire Space Debris Problem

Space junk, or space debris, is any piece of machinery or debris left by humans in space

Sat Aug 07 2021

Technology as an instrument to invade privacy

The risk of breach of privacy increases with the advancement in technology in our day to day life.

Wed Aug 04 2021

Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

AI is one such technical field that is transforming human society into one of robots and machines

Sat Jun 26 2021

5G networks: a boon or a bane?

Companies like Bharti Airtel & Reliance Jio in full swing developing & undertaking trial of 5G

Fri Jun 18 2021

How AI helped tackle fake news/misinformation?

World taking help of AI to counter Fake News/Misinformation that are all over the internet nowadays

Mon May 31 2021