Webinar on Private Competing Currencies in the Post Crises World by CCS [June 15, 6:30 PM]: No Fee; Registrations Open

About the Organisation Dr. Parth J. Shah: Founder, Centre for Civil Society and Co-founder, ISPP. Parth has steered the Centre for Civil Society (CCS), an organisation that advances social change through public policy. Its work in education, livelihoods, and policy training promote choice and accountability across the private and public sectors. His research and advocacy work focus on the themes of economic freedom (law, liberty and livelihood campaign), choice and competition in education (fund students, not schools), property rights approach for the environment (terracotta vision of stewardship), and good governance (new public management and the duty to publish).

About the Competition/Event/Opportunity In this eBaithak with Dr. Parth J. Shah, we will explore the idea of Austrian economist F.A. Hayek’s Private Competing Currencies – How a monetary system of competing currencies along with “free banking” offers the best chance for achieving stable money. As the pandemic hit the world, it sent India’s already troubled economy reeling. The Reserve Bank of India, like all central banks in the world, has tried its best, without any real success, to stop the economic crisis we are surely heading towards. There seems to be consternation with the policies that the central bank is adopting and with the institution in itself. Is there a case for monetary policy, without a central bank and would such an idea actually be far more effective in dealing with global economic shocks? Why are we ever accepting of the government monopoly when it comes to the national monetary system? Would private currencies determined by competing businesses be better for an economy and its people? Would multiple private currencies be able to overcome the “Knowledge Problem” of the central banking system? Join us on the 15th of June from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM on Zoom as we discuss the alternative to government monopoly of currency and determine its impact on the global economy that is lurching towards multiple crises.

Eligibility/Prerequisites No Fee; Registrations Open

Important Dates 15 june

Registration Process Registration for the eBaithak is FREE. We do not provide a Certificate for this program. Please register here( https://ccs9.typeform.com/to/aMaJzV)at the earliest.

Benefits/Prizes/Perks great experience

Other Details For any questions, feel free to contact me. Looking forward to your participation. E-mail: [email protected]

Contact details for more informationFor any questions, feel free to contact me. Looking forward to your participation. E-mail: [email protected]