Daksha Dialogues: Online Dispute Resolution [June 19, 6-7 PM]: Registrations Open

About the Organisation

Online dispute resolution (ODR) strategies have gradually expanded in the past two decades, to now reach a potential point of exponential traction in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

No better indicator of this fact than the recent set of discussions under the aegis of NITI Aayog to explore ways and means of catalyzing ODR in India. From dispute resolution to containment to avoidance, reliance on online strategies have much to offer towards promoting meaningful access to justice.

To know more, tune in to this #DakshaDialogue on Online Dispute Resolution: Balancing Innovation and Access, the third conversation in the #DakshaSeries on Conflicts and Resolution: Remodelling Legal Strategies.

Justice K. Kannan (retd.), Chittu Nagarajan of Modria India, and Sachin Malhan of Agami will be in conversation with Chitra Narayan, Advocate and Mediator and Visiting Faculty, Daksha Fellowship.

About the Competition/Event/Opportunity

This panel will explore:

  • the growth of ODR, and the key technologies driving such growth;
  • current implementation of ODR in different dispute settings;
  • regulatory bottlenecks that come in the way of adoption;
  • ODR’s immense possibilities when it comes to access, scalability, replication and enabling of traditional processes, and other distinct advantages;
  • limitations of ODR, especially in a setting like India, and the way forward.


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Important Dates

19th June 2020, 6pm to 7pm


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