Green Governance Initiative’s Young Leaders Program 2020

About the Organisation

About Green Governance Initiative

The Green Governance Initiative (GGI) is a youth-based policy research think-tank that works through collaboration with elected representatives, policymakers, and administrators, to ensure the effective implementation of the “United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development along with India 2030”.

GGI aims in facilitating the outreach of various social welfare schemes to the grassroots level through the concept of Constituency Development through UN SDGs. The organisation also identifies potential inputs for sustainable and achievable outcomes, while ensuring optimum use of minimum resources.

About the Competition/Event/Opportunity

About the GGI’s Young Leaders Program

GGI’s Young Leaders Program (YLP) is an initiative to make the youth aware and encourage them towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by involving and imparting quality training to them for Parliamentary Constituency Development through UN SDGs.

Program Objectives

Green Governance Initiative’s Young Leaders Program 2020 aims to achieve the following objectives:

Understanding: Bring the youth to an understanding of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

Awareness: Provide confidence in articulating course of action to be taken for further awareness and project building to achieve Agenda 2030.

Skill Building: Provide analytical and communication skills. Spread awareness of the UN SDGs in their communities.

Social Epistemology: Gain a strong working knowledge in understanding different social issues like poverty, hunger, inequality, etc.

Networking: Gain access to network and tool necessary to equip the youth for reaching the targets of SDGs by 2030.

Policy Making & Governance: Hands on learning experience of nuances of Policymaking and Governance.


Who should attend?

The program is targeted for:

Any individual between age of 15-24 years with commitment and passion towards social & community development.

Those with innate receptiveness in identifying issues bothering their community and the urgency to address them through well perceived tools and policy arguments at micro level.

Important Dates

Deadline: 20th September 2020.

Registration Process

How to Apply?

To apply for the GGI’s Young Leaders Program, click here.



To earn the title of GGI’s Young Leader, participants should attend a minimum of 60 percentage of online sessions, Complete various assignments and tasks given by GGI team members & mentors.

What do you Gain?

Awareness: Knowledge is the first step towards actions. GGI’s plan to conduct a month-long certificate program to spared awareness of UN SDGs by putting youth on the front foot. Conducting regular webinars and workshops to prepare GGI

Young Leaders who can steer the objectives of this YLP.

Opportunity: Once the knowledge is gained, GGI does not give up on its curated Young Leaders. Instead, we will be interested in hearing your inputs, from small community level ideas to national level innovations. GGI will encourage disruptive thinking and provide right platform for policy making and governance through Constituency Development Program along with UN SDGs.

Achievement: Young Leaders who contribute towards achieving Agenda 2030 would be rewarded with working opportunities associated with the Office of Parliamentarians. They shall subsequently get an opportunity to implement overall ideas in a Pilot project undertaken by GGI.

Contact details for more information

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp & Telegram: +91- 9625613458