About the Organisation

CIPS was established in 2018 with the aim to promote research and studies in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. The Centre also monitors, designs and disseminates various courses and programmes pertaining to training and research in intellectual Property Rights.  

About the Competition/Event/Opportunity

In the modern era, brand name and logo have an excellent way to identify your business to prospective customers. It assures the customers of the quality and origin of the product that they purchase. To ensure that no competing business tries to deceive the customers and utilise the goodwill of a particular business, law steps in to provide protection by way of Trademarks. As a lawyer, one is often required to advice clients on the various facets of trademark protection and protect their businesses by undertaking trademark registration. But it is found that the intricacies and complexities revolving around trademark filing, drafting, and other procedural aspects are not the primary focus of academic courses in law schools. Such courses are primarily are designed to focus on the theory which leaves students requiring exposure to the practice of law. Thus, CIPS is pleased to announce the course which seeks to provide the participants an understanding of the practical knowledge. The Course shall be conducted over a duration of fourteen hours, in which participants shall be able to acquire invaluable industry insight on when and how a trademark is filed, importance of commercializing a trademark, protection in age of the Internet, and the process for filing various notices.


1. Mr. Revanta Mathur, Partner, Anand and Anand

2. Mr. Vibhav Mithal, Managing Associate, Anand and Anand 


The course is open to all law students pursuing 3-year LL.B. or 5-year integrated LL.B. course, LL.M. course, young practitioners, and entrepreneurs.  

Important Dates

1. Last date of registration: October 16, 2020 (11:59 pm)

2. Dates of the Course: October 17 to November 8, 2020 

Registration Process

1. Registration is mandatory for participation in the Course.

2. The registration fee is as follows: INR 750 for NLUJ Students, INR 1,500 for Students from Other Universities/Colleges, INR 3,000 for Lawyers, Academicians, and other interested persons.

3. Each attendee shall pay the registration fee at the following link: at ‘Payment Other than Semester Fee’ specifying the purpose of payment as ‘CIPS Trademark Course’.

4. Once the registration fee is paid, the payment receipt shall be e-mailed at [email protected]. The subject of the e-mail shall be ‘Registration Receipt: Certificate Course’. The email should carry the following details: Name of the participant, Year and course (if applicable), Name of the University/Organisation, and Contact details (Phone Number and Email Id).  



Other Details


✡The course shall be delivered over a duration of fourteen hours by way of live online classes by the resource person(s). The lectures shall take place on weekends between the dates mentioned hereinbelow.

✡The lectures shall take place live over Cisco Webex. The participants shall be provided with the log-in and other technical assistance by the Centre.

✡At the end of the lectures, the participants shall answer an MCQ exam consisting of 50 questions over the duration of an hour. Participants scoring above 50% in the said exam shall be eligible to avail of the certificate for the course.

✡The syllabus for the course shall be as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Trademarks

1. Meaning and types of trademarks (basics of trademarks and distinctiveness). 2. Marks that can NOT be registered and grounds for refusal (Section 9 and Section 11).

Chapter 2: Pre-Filing Trademark Search

1. How to do a basic clearance search? 2. How to view a registered trademark or application details? 3. How to view index of registered trademarks or application details? 4. How to access Trademark Journal? 5. How to search classification of services? 6. How to access WIPO through IP India website? (e- Madrid Service)

Chapter 3: Trademark Filing

1. How to file a Trademark Application (TM-1)? 2. Where to file a Trademark Application? 3. What are the documents required to file an application? 4. How can a document be filed? 5. What is the filing process? 6. Process from Examination Report to Advertisement in Journal/ Hearing Process.

Chapter 4: Opposition Process

1. How to draft Notice of Opposition (NOO)? 2. How to fill notice of Opposition (TM-5)? 3. How to draft a Counter-Statement? 4. How to file a counter- statement (TM-O)? 5. How to fill Counter- statement (TM-6)? 6. What are the requirements of trademark forms and what is the requisite fees applicable for the same?

Chapter 5: Trademark Enforcement

1. What are the available civil and criminal remedies? 2. What is a Cease and a Desist Letter? 3. What are the various stages of law-suit? 4. How do you determine the forum of procedure? 5. What are the remedies that you seek?

Chapter 6: Trademark Infringement on the Internet

1. What are domain name disputes? 2. What are the trademark disputes involving keywords- ads? 3. How to protect content from infringement on the internet? 4. Comparative and Surrogate Advertisement and Infringement 5. What is dispute resolution mechanism?

Chapter 7: Activation and Commercialization of Trademark

1. What are the possible monetization strategies? 2. What is a goodwill in context of commercializing the brands? 3. What are the techniques for effective monitoring of Trademark Portfolio? 4. How to protect a Trademark from becoming generic?

Contact details for more information

Any queries may be directed to [email protected] or the following:

Anvesha Pipariya, Member, CIPS (+91-73001 47231)