Webinar on Business & Biodiversity.

About the Organisation

NPC is mission oriented apex organization to promote the cause of productivity in all sectors of the Indian economy, established as autonomous, multipartite, non-profit organization by the Ministry of Industry, Govt. of India in 1958.

About the Competition/Event/Opportunity

The session will help to understand importance of biodiversity in life. This session will give insight about what are the solutions available in nature for us. The session will cover how can we do composting that will leads to organic gardening at home. This session will cover about how can we improve indoor air quality at homes and office by using different plants. This session will also cover about importance of pollinators and how to develop butterfly garden in your lawns.


Everyone interested.

Important Dates

Date: 8 Oct 2020

Time: 3 PM to 4 PM

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Interested candidates can register online.

Registration fee: Rs. 300



Other Details

Webinar Coverage

The session will cover emerging trends of biodiversity and how it is related to business. The session will also cover that solutions are in nature. The session will also tell that how can we improve indoor air quality by using different plants at our house. Our simple initiatives like medicinal plant, butterfly garden and composting from kitchen waste.

Speaker Profile

Dr Hishmi Jamil Husain is among the notable alumni of International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University. He is having more than 20 years of national & international experience in the field of Environment Management, Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Development & Water Management.

He did Post Graduate Diploma in Universalization of Socio-economic Securities from International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands, Executive Master in e-Governance from EPFL, Lausanne, (Switzerland) and Ph.D in Lithology and Soil Characteristics in Relation to Forest Vegetation of Himalaya from Forest Research Institute, University, Dehradun, (India).

Key learnings

What is biodiversity and its relationship with business?

What are solutions in nature?

How can we do composting from kitchen waste at home?

How can we improve indoor air quality by using different plants at our house?

How can we make butterfly garden?

How can we grow medicinal plants at our home?

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